Specializing in Gun Rebluing and Restoration



Fogle's Gunsmithing has over 40 years experience in gun bluing and restoration, starting in 1974. We offer the highest quality hot black oxide finishes (often referred to as "hot dip" or "hot bluing"), with six standard grades of finish available. The bluing process is identical for all grades of finish. The difference is in the preparation of the metal prior to bluing. See description of the finishes on our pricing page.

Other finishes available are Parkerizing and Color Case Hardening. We also offer high quality baked-on and air cure finishes in a variety of colors. These can be applied to whole guns, or combined with bluing for items which cannot be blued, such as aluminum receivers, trigger guards, barrel bands, etc.


We do not offer complete gunsmithing services, but we do perform minor repair work and parts replacement. The cost of all repair work is in addition to bluing prices. Please refer to our Additional Services page for other available services.


Thank you for your interest. Please go to our contact page if you would like to request further information.